Andrea is proudly an associate of the Okanagan Doula Childbirth Services. Please visit their website and contact them directly for enquiries about Doula services in the South Okanagan.


Okanagan Doula are a group of women who are very passionate about supporting women and their partners through such an amazing life transformation. It's an honour to be part of a woman's birth team helping to assist you in making the informed decisions that are right for you and your family.


We are like family here at Okanagan Doula. We love working together to support our clients which means our clients have access and benefit from all of our team members and their experience and expertise.


We are very experienced with both home and hospital births and will encourage you to birth in whichever setting and way you feel is right. We are open-minded, unbiased and will stand behind any choice you make. We believe one of the most important roles of a doula is to help your family be as involved as you wish them to be. With doula assistance, they will have the guidance they need to feel confident in their role and abilities.


We bring our heart and hands to our work and ensure each of our clients receives 100% professional and personalized care.


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Beautiful baby -


Heidi: Andrea is a passionate and caring person whose genuine love for helping others is obvious from the first time you speak to her. She is very giving of herself and fully supported my birth plans. She was a positive focus point throughout my labour. In early labour she provided gentle support and massages and when things got more intense she was literally a pillar to lean on who never deviated from what was working for us. She had excellent rapport with my midwives and was a huge support for my young daughter and my husband as well. She was able to remain calm and steady when things became hectic. I would recommend Andrea for any woman in labour. Her presence was exactly what my family needed and I will always think of her fondly and will most certainly seek her out for my next birth.

Manny: Andrea was an awesome doula. She was very kind to our 3.5 year old daughter, she was very helpful to my pregnant wife she had an awesome way of massaging and calming her down. She helped us with the technical aspect of setting up the water birthing pool and keeping the temperature right and contributed to us having a safe, healthy birth. She's an all round excellent doula. She supported us with our decisions and reassured us through her words. Andrea has a very positive aura around her.

Anisa (age 3.5): She was good. She held my hand and gave my mommy massages. I like her alot! She was kind to me.


Heidi, Manny and Anisa, birthed February 2013



"Dearest Andrea,

You truly are the salt of the earth and forever will be one of the most inspirational teachers of my life. From the moment I first spoke with you on the phone, I could feel the warmth and I knew right then that you would be a great fit and supporter for my greatest accomplishment yet to come.  when you arrived at my home to meet my myself, birthing coach, aunt and mother (via Skype) you delivered an array of suggestions and recommendations that allowed me to execute my thoughts and feelings, how and where I wanted things to happen with my birth.  you taught me techniques and provided me with tools that could alleviate my sore back and body. What I remember that beautiful December afternoon.....evening.....morning.

I called you Andrea,  and without hesitation you came for me, you met me at the hospital and jumped right in.  Your hands, god bless them, got me through single handedly.  Who knew that pushing on my hips would have made me feel so great.  I had contraction after contraction from 2pm until 12:28 am and you stayed by my side  reminding me to breath low and to slow down on the gas (lol) . You truly are a remarkable woman, selfless and unyielding  until the end.  Madison and I thank you.  Everyone that was there thanks you.  God Bless you Andrea,  My Doulandie."

Kari Polanski, birthed December 2012

My husband and I were so thankful to have Andrea as our doula.  The care and support she offered to us before, during and after the birth of our son was more than we could have hoped for.  In one of her pre-birth visits, we had a Dancing for Birth session which was not only a lot of fun but also a great way for us to get in sync with each other’s energy and rhythm.  Andrea is an incredibly instinctive person, and during the actual birth, she was able to tune into my breath and contractions and sense what my needs were.  This helped my husband and I tremendously in a seamless and supportive way.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, sensitive and knowledgeable doula.  Thank you, Andrea!

Jessica Jone birthed September 2012

"Having Andrea there when I delivered my daughter was wonderful. She was very supportive and had lots of ideas to help me manage my pain. Andrea did a fantastic job interpreting what I needed and communicating these needs to my husband. Andrea’s assistance with communication helped me have as comfortable an experience as possible."

Brooke Munday birthed April 29th, 2011

"No matter how many books you read, pre-natal classes you attend, or videos you watch, nothing can truly prepare you for the emotions that hit you during childbirth—not to mention all the confusing questions that get thrown at you as the support person. Andrea helped Sabrina and I wade through the medical-speak and understand all our options when it was difficult to make decisions on our own. For Andrea, it’s more than a job, and we wouldn’t have another baby without Andrea helping us out"

Paul Furminger, Father of Mariana Daria Furminger, born November 27th, 2010

"I had no idea how vulnerable I'd become during labour--or how overwhelmed my husband would feel at times--and it was in those most trying moments that Andrea's character and integrity shone through. Andrea offered gentle guidance, humour and serenity when we needed it most. Her passion for her work is real... and babies really love her! I wouldn't dream of heading into another labour without Andrea on my team."

Sabrina Mehra Furminger birthed November 27th, 2010

"I met Andrea through a friend. I never had heard of a Doula,even though I had two children already.So what does a doula mean? For me it was having the reassurance having somebody there just a call away who had the best interest at heart for me and my pregnancy,birth and baby.

In my case it was very essential to my peace of mind due to the lack of family support. Having Andrea as my Doula was like having an experienced girl-friend by your side through it all. Andrea and I are still in contact to this day and I'm sure will continue. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone having a baby!!"

Elizabeth and beautiful baby girl - birthed December 2008

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